The C-Litter


6 Males and 4 Females are born!!!

 Poldi und Aika


Asterix-Leopold von Blue Danube Island X Aika von des Baches Rauschen

 IK: 0,78 %  AVK: 90,3 %

Aika already had two litters. We enjoyed them very much. The new owners contact us very often, and tell us many good stories about "our" dogs. We enjoy every opportunity to meet one of them again.

We had to wait rather long, but now its true:

On 18th January 2007 six male and four female puppies were born!

We are very, very glad!!!

This time we drove with Aika to Vienna, Austria. There we met Asterix-Leopold von Blue-Danube-Island, called "Poldi", and his family. Poldi is a very beautiful, dynamic and very caring young male. His health records, descent and show results are exceptional. Poldi was Austrian "Bundessieger" (Federal Winner) this fall, and he is "Austrian Junior Champion".
We fell in love with him at once ... so did Aika ... and he with her ....
They had about ten minutes of charming playing, then Aika and Poldi decided to mate.





Der C-Wurf

 The nine Puppies

We regret, that one female - Cosima - died in the age of two weeks



Growing up



1 day old: 19/01/2007



1 week old: 25/01/2007



2 weeks old: 01/02/2007



3 weeks old: 10/02/2007



4 weeks old: 16/02/2007



6 weeks old: 01/03/2007




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