The B-Litter


Aika has born 5 dogs and 5 bitches!!!

 Neyrhus und Aika

Neyrhus du Domaine de Val Kurlande X Aika von des Baches Rauschen

 IK: 1,37 %

On 30/07/2004 Aika has born 5 dogs and 5 bitches. And Aika was great again: When she realized the beginning of the birth, she ran to the puppy-box, turned around three times, pressed two times, and the first bitch was born. She cleaned the puppy at once and let him have her milk. The same procedure was repeated nine more times, and Aika always new exactly what to do. We are again very proud of her.

Father of our litter is the very beautiful dog Neyrhus du Domaine de Val Kurlande. On 31/05 and on 01/06/2004 he has covered Aika. Neyrhus and Aika fit very well in personality, exterieur, and genetics (Inbreeding coefficient 1.37). They are both free of hip dysplasia.


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